the uncast



It can be a fine line between epic and fail.

It can be a fine line between a campaign that truly champions diversity or is just ticking boxes. It's easy to feel that the now infamous 'Pepsi Campaign' won't happen to you, but sometimes you just need a second opinion.

The Uncast's campaign review is a free, confidential service to agencies and brands who want to take the extra step to sense check their idea, and want specialised, independent advice as to whether the campaign concept, casting or execution truly represents modern Australian youth, or is falling short.

Get a response within 48 hours with our feedback and recommendations. 


Who We Are

The Uncast is a youth culture casting, content & consultancy agency with a focus on diversity. Our agency is an even split of men and women, all from diverse backgrounds, and are passionate about improving the advertising and fashion industries representation of modern Australian young people.

Our Credentials

We've worked with various casting directors, agencies, brands and creatives since our inception at the beginning of 2017. Our talent have worked with brands such as Adidas, Commonwealth Bank, Virgin Mobile, Fanta, Coca-Cola, Canon to name a few. Download our information pack here, or view our latest work here.