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Photos: the uncast presents Hazey


The Uncast Presents: Hazey

Australia is a diverse nation; a cultural melting pot where many young Australians embody a hybrid of cultures and find a balance between their heritage and identity locally.

The Uncast and Hazey present a series of personal portraits of young Sydney-siders that embody these many layers and crossovers of culture concealed in one’s identity. 


With the assistance of props and clothing, each series of portraits explores the many-layered nature of each individual’s cultural identity, drawing on their unique connection to their heritage as well as local culture.

Amber Prado-Richarson
Amber Sisson
Atia Rahim
David Vu
Jason Vuong
Violet Aarti


Gianna Hayes is a Los Angeles-born, Sydney-raised photographer. Her work is innately personal - a result of her own upbringing as a woman of African American and Italian descent and personal journey of self-discovery which has influenced and motivated her exploration of concepts relating to identity, culture, empowerment, and equality. 

Raw colours, soft lighting, textured textiles, sculptural compositions along with conceptual motifs are prevalent and play a significant role in her work. Gianna’s artistic expression comes in many forms including textile design and mixed media artworks.